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Implementing the Twitter iOS App UI (Update: Swift 3)

After using Twitter’s iOS App for a while, I started looking at it with the developer’s eye and noticed that some of the subtle movements and component interactions are extremely interesting. This sparked my curiosity: how did you guys at Twitter do it? More specifically, let’s talk about the profile view: isn’t it elegant? It [...]


Quick Guide: Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator

With iOS 10 came a bunch of new interesting features, like the UIViewPropertyAnimator, a brand new class that improves animation handling. The view property animator completely changes the flow that we are used to, adding a finer control over the animations logic. A simple animation Let’s see how to build a simple animation to change [...]


Game Development with Unity: Lessons learned while building Linia

The past few months have been intense. Among the many things that happened and kept me away from writing, I got married and released the first game I ever worked on, Linia. Even though I’m super happy about both, I’ll talk about Linia here and about how, by harnessing the power of Unity, we were [...]


Creating custom walkthroughs for your apps

One year ago I’ve released BWWalkthrough, a library that simplifies the creation of walkthroughs without any constraints on user interfaces design. The library became quite popular on GitHub, so I’ve decided to write this tutorial to help you guys set up and use it with ease. Here is a sneak peek of the final result [...]


Apple Watch development overview

I badly wanted to write a generic article about Apple Watch development because I really needed to resume what I’ve learned so far. That being said, in this article you’ll read an overview that might be really useful if you are starting with Apple Watch development. The article introduces the main WatchKit concepts and provides [...]