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Playing around with Core Graphics, Core Animation and Touch Events (Part 2)

Hi Guys! Welcome back to the last part of this tutorial. In the previous post I showed you how to draw an image using Core Graphics, in this post we’ll add some behavior to that image. Handling touch We can start by updating the circle position depending on the touch location. Here I’ll briefly show [...]


Calendar Events and Permissions in iOS 6

Prior to iOS 6, accessing the calendar didn’t require any permission. We just had to create an event store and then we were able to add events through it. With iOS6 the story is slightly different: to create a new event we ask the user for the permission to access his calendar. Thanks to the [...]


Opening the Main Window from the Dockbar Menu Icon

In this simple tip I will show you how to open the main window of your application using the Dockbar icon. Your users probably expect the main window of your application to become visible through a click over its Dockbar icon, but, unless you’ve managed this behavior, when they click the icon nothing happens. Since [...]


Dealing with multiple screens programming

During the development of some applications, it’s really important to make adjustments to make them works correctly on multiple screens… fear not! The OSX global coordinate system works in a really clever way and thanks to the NSScreen class you can get every information you need about users’ displays. There are two specific screen definitions [...]