Think & Build

Something about me

I'm Yari D'areglia and I'm a developer focusing on Swift, Objective C (Cocoa and Cocoa Touch for OSX and iOS) and Web (mainly PHP, Javascript).
If you're interested in my complete resume have a look at my Linkedin Profile.

What's Think and Build?

This is the place where I spend most of my nights (no, I'm not a lonely person... I'm just sleepless), it's a way to learn more and to share what I learned so far. A nerdy blog for nerdy people! If you like dev talking you're welcome here: you'll find tutorials and tips about iOS, OS X, PHP and more!

What about your hair?

It's the proof that I'm a developer.
I don't need them!

What now?

You can follow me on twitter @bitwaker and if you feel the inexplicable desire to write me... by all means, do it!

Keep in touch!
Yari :D